Community Resources

Quick Access to Important Resources

Our team our local Lincolnites and understand what resources are beneficial to you! We are happy to help you navigate Lincoln and can give personalized experiences.



Telephone, Cable & Internet

Allo 402-480-6550

Spectrum 866-874-2389

Windstream 402-436-4500


Lincoln Electric System 402-475-4211


Lincoln Solid Waste Management Association 402-423-3708


Black Hills Energy 888-890-5554


Lincoln Water System 402-441-7551

Utility Line Locator

Digger Hotline 811


Recycling 402-441-8215

Government & Community

Resource Website/App - MyLNK


Emergency 911

Non-Emergency Police 402-411-6000

Information Line 402-441-7171

Animal Control 402-441-7900

Building & Safety 402-441-7521

Bus Schedule - Star Tran 402-476-1234

City Communications 402-441-7831

County Assessor 402-441-7436

Emergency Road Conditions 511

Food Safety & Consumer Protection 402-471-3422

Lincoln City Libraries 402-441-8500

Lincoln Housing Authority 402-434-5500

Health Department 402-441-8000

Department of Motor Vehicles 402-471-3985

Parks & Rec 402-441-7847

Planning Department 402-441-7491

Public Works & Utilities 402-441-7548

Veteran Affairs 402-471-2458


Human Services 211

Gamblers Assistance Program 402-471-4450

Adult/Elder and Child Abuse Reporting 800-652-1999

Economic Assistance 402-323-3900

Medicaid 402-473-7000

Aging Services 402-471-2307

Alcoholism & Drug Abuse 800-648-4444

Disability Services 800-742-7594



Available for Download

Insurance Inventory Log

Print one of these for each room and itemize things in the room. In the event of a fire or natural disaster you can provide your insurance agent with these to help identify your personal items.