Want to Pop a Bottle?

We are an experienced team that knows when to Celebrate!

When it comes to Lincoln Nebraska real estate, there’s no one better to turn to than Turn Key Group with Coldwell Banker - NHS Real Estate. 

As a few young guns that are eager to get STUFF done, we are happy to help our clients get what they want. We like to say that we are 3 for the price of 1 but don't let that fool you, we aren't a discount service. Our team vibes well  and we discovered our strengths put together gives our clients better service!

We may not have 30+ years of experience under our belts but we are driven and well-versed in real estate. Each of us has experience in different facets of real estate. Check us out below:


Welcome to the Team

Brains, Brawn, Beauty & Bold - Can you guess who is who?

Introducing Turn Key Group a power team filled with real estate experience and knowledge.


Cody Brinkman

Team Lead - Beauty

Sorry folks this smooth talker is taken but we can all appreciate his good looks ;)

Cody, our most experienced agent is well versed in the buying and selling of real estate. His cool demeanor is essential for when STUFF hits the fan. He is an expert negotiator and you never know what cards are in his hand (unless he wants you to know). 

Real Estate Experience: 

Airbnb, Rentals, Fix & Flips, Real Estate Sales

How to win his heart:

Naturdays, a day Boating on the Lake and asking about his stellar Tattoo!

Why is he the beauty?

We consider him the beauty not only for his good looks but because he keeps the transaction smooth and the outcome attractive.

Phone: 402-525-9237

Email: brinkman.recm@gmail.com


Ashley Oborny

Team Member - Brawn

Watch out, don't challenge this BA she will be up for whatever you throw at her!

Ashley, our doer is out to get things done! This mamacita is a master of design and has a keen eye for getting things sold. She brings the muscle to make sure things are done and done right. Listen up when she is talking because she knows how to buff out the hidden gems. 

Real Estate Experience: 

Rentals, Fix & Flip, Real Estate Sales

How to win her heart:

Healthy & Natural Living, Workout Sessions and learning more about her Berry Farm!

Why is she the brawn?

We consider her the brawn for her ability to get STUFF done. Also she is a trainer and a beast in the gym!

Phone: 402-649-1690

Email: ashley.oborny@gmail.com


Stacy Manson

Team Member - Brains

Get her started, she won't stop.

Stacy, our thinker always has a plan being drafted. Her strength lies in strategy and the how-to of getting things done. She is always exploring and learning something new. She brings us the advantage on changing situations - which there are a lot of in real estate. 

Real Estate Experience:

Fix & Flips, BRRR, Rentals, Real Estate Sales

How to win her heart: 

Self-Improvement/Treat-yo'-self, Wine, and joining her on any Community Involvement she volun-told you for!

Why is she the brains?

We consider her the brains because she turns ideas into plans. Seriously, once she gets started its hard to get her to stop!

Phone: 402-413-9558

Email: nerealestate.stacy@gmail.com